Athletics survey to make sure your voice is heard.

We recently announced that athletics had been selected by IOM Sport to be audited by Talent Development Adviser, Paul Jones. As part of this and to ensure your voice is heard Paul has put together a survey which you should all complete.

You will find the athletics survey link here.

It has taken Paul a while to get this together and to make sure it works properly and collects useful information, without going over-board.  The link will be kept open until 11:30pm on the 19th December 2016.

We would like to get a fantastic response from the athletics community so please take the time to fill in the survey in as much details as possible.  The target audience is those people who are members of or affiliated to the athletics clubs on the Island.  It is an opportunity to understand the volunteer ‘workforce’ we have within athletics so firm plans can be put in place over the coming years.

It is important to note that all responses are anonymous and the questions have been kept as open as possible to ensure there is no bias or leading of responses.

There are 5 sections:

Volunteer administrators

You will note that all athletes have been asked, and where applicable their parents, to give generic feedback about the athletic clubs they are first claim members of.  Each club will be provided with their own information in the New Year.  We hope you will see this as a great opportunity to develop our sport.

Those individuals who are involved in all 6 sections have the opportunity to feedback in the context of each area.  All they need to is keep responding YES when asked if they have any more roles within athletics on the IOM.  This will obviously mean the survey takes a little longer to complete but please provide as much information as possible.

For those who are only involved in one element of athletics selecting NO to the same question will finish the survey.

Children under the age of 14 have a much shortened survey to answer and they MAY require help answering the a couple of questions by themselves.  Nothing too strenuous but they may require a bit of assistance to understand what the question is asking of them.

No question is compulsory but obviously the more questions people answer, and the more constructive comments we receive, the better it will be for all involved as we will have some significant information to move forward with in 2017.