Revised Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Standards

Further to the previous announcement the IOMAA have now received revised consideration performance times, distances and scores from the Isle of Man Commonwealth Games Association (“IOMCGA”).

The athletics standards for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games are now as follows:

10.45 100m 11.67 sec 2.16 metres High Jump 1.78 metres
21.02 200m 23.90 sec 7.50 metres Long Jump 6.14 metres
47.02 400m 54.15 sec 15.84 metres Triple Jump 13.00 metres
1 min 50.90 800m 2 min 05 sec 5.10 metres Pole Vault 4.00 metres
3 min 44 sec 1500m 4 min 14 sec 70.00 metres Javelin 51.00 metres
13 min 55 sec 5000m 16 min 30 sec 57.00 metres Discus 52.00 metres
29 min 00 sec 10000m 34 min 00 sec 64.00 metres Hammer 60.00 metres
14.00 sec 110m hurdles 18.00 metres Shot 15.50 metres
100m hurdles 13.85 sec 7300 points Decathlon
51.00 sec 400m hurdles 58.50 sec Heptathlon 5400 points
8 min 45 sec 3000m Steeplechase 10 min 20 sec ROAD
* 1 hr 30 min 00 sec 20km Walk 1 hr 44 min 00 sec
* 2 hr 21 min 00 sec Marathon 2 hr 42 min 00 sec
*Relay standards removed as not applicable.

Achieving the standards does not guarantee selection onto the Isle of Man team, but will serve as a useful guide to both the IOMAA and the IOMCGA section committee that an athlete might be considered for selection.

  • Eligibility to compete for the Isle of Man at the Commonwealth Games based on the current Commonwealth Games rules:

an athlete must have been resident on the island for 5 years prior to the Games
must have been born on the island
athlete’s mother or father was born on the island

  • The standard must be achieved within the “selection window” which for athletics commences on 1st April 2016 and ends on 30th November 2017.
  • Greater weight will be given to an athlete achieving standards nearer the date of the Games, as an indication of current form and fitness.
  • The standard should be achieved at least twice during the “selection window” for events up to 1500m and field events. Endurance and multi events once, plus a supporting performance to confirm fitness in either a shorter event or applicable events in the case of multi events.
  • All qualified athletes will need to satisfy IOMAA of their fitness at time of nomination to IOMCGA by a performance in the 2017 season – ideally as near to that date as possible.
  • The standard should be achieved in high level competition (National UK Championships or international events will be given greater consideration).
  • All timings, wind speed and distance measurements should be validated by UKA qualified officials preferably using electronic measuring devices.borobi_signature_pose_-_thumbs_up_rgb
  • Athletes working towards Gold Coast selection should register their intention with the IOMAA and Head of Performance at the earliest opportunity (
  • Athletes will need to maintain a good level of communication with the IOMAA and the Head of Performance so that their progress can be monitored.