Return to Competition

Following yesterday’s announcement, we can now confirm that UKA have agreed to lift all competition restrictions on IOM Athletics, thus we are now in the super exciting position to return to competition!

We appreciate that all clubs and event organisers will now be looking at their calendars to salvage what they can for the remainder of the season but it is important that we do not dilute the impact of existing events with a barrage of rearranged fixtures and events.

We are therefore requesting that all event organisers contact IOMA with their plans for the months of June/July/August/September and October so that we can continue the great work of the Fixtures committee in avoiding clashes and maximising the impact of all events across the Island. It is assumed that all events post September will remain as scheduled and of course, existing events will be given priority.

We cannot wait to see you all out there smashing PB’s and sitting proudly atop Power of 10 rankings. Don’t however, forget to tip the cap to the Organisers of the events who put so much work in the background to make these things happen.

Athletics is Back!

Good evening!

We are finally there. On Monday, Howie announced that not only has Social Distancing been removed but the upper limit on the number of people allowed to congregate has also been scrapped meaning that we can now look to a near full return to Athletics on the Isle of Man!

We have been working closely with the NSC, UKA and IOM Sport to hash out the details which are as follows:

  • From Thursday, full access to the NSC and equipment will be permitted. No booking system or limits apply.
  • Long Jump pits will need to be turned over before and after each use and high jump and pole vault mats need to be wiped down after use.
  • Competition has been approved by IOM Sport however we are still waiting for confirmation from UKA as to what we will be permitted to run, we are hoping to salvage some semblance of a 2020 season for you all.

Please do your bit in keeping the Virus subdued by following increased hand washing and hygiene protocols so that we can continue to enjoy the fruits of the fantastic work of the IOM Govt.

Happy Running, Jumping and Throwing!


Guidance for Sports and Recreation Activities v4 15-06-20

NSC Return to use risk assessment 3.0

NSC Terms of Use 3.0