Foxy’s 5km Challenge – The Century is Reached!

So far 102 runners have signed up to follow the training plans up to the first 5km Challenge which individuals run at some stage over the 5 days between 4th and 8th June. The aim is to run an individual time trial and send in your time and age to to record your result. Later in the week times will be published via Isle of Man Newspapers and IOM Athletics website and Facebook page.

It is never too late to join the challenge.

If you are keen to take part just contact Andy and work on the 2 week mini plan prepared for you rather than the full plan the first 100 are on. In addition we hope that experienced runners following their own plans and training will take up the challenge and join us by sending in their times and age as well as maybe a picture of their Garmin showing how far they ran.

If all goes well the intention is to offer all another 6 week plan with a 3km challenge half way though followed by another 5km challenge at the end. The hope is this will see some real improvements for all involved as well as maybe trying out some different racing distances and sessions to add variety and fun!.

So, keep active, keep running, get in touch and enjoy a motivating challenge!

Foxy’s 5km Running Challenge

Have you discovered running as a way of keeping fit during lockdown?

Do you need a challenge to keep you motivated?

Do you want some structure to improve your running, by getting fitter and faster?

Then perhaps Foxy’s 5km Challenge is just what you have been looking for!

Manx distance runner and coach, Andy Fox, has prepared a training plan to improve your running fitness with a monthly 5k challenge to monitor your progress. Round 1 will open between Thursday 4 June to Monday 8 June where you choose the location, the time and simply let your legs do the talking.

The training plan will be published each Thursday to help you sharpen up your fitness and will include a variety of running sessions to fit around your schedule throughout the week. There will also be some additional running hints and tips to help along the way.

All runners are welcome from those who have just started to those who run regularly and would have competed in local races and park runs. The results of each monthly challenge will be judged via both time and age grading, allowing runners to compare results across ages and gender. You absolutely don’t need to be part of a running club to take part, the idea is simply to support, motivate and inspire you to kick start or maintain your fitness levels in the current situation.

Please ensure you continue to respect social distancing rules and maintain “runners’ responsibility” by being the proactive one when meeting others on your runs. Where possible opt for quieter routes and times of the day when you will take on your sessions and challenges.

How to get involved:

We hope all runners, joggers, keep fitters, former couch potatoes or however you might class yourself will have a go and take part. If you are interested please email to register your interest by Monday 11 May and the first edition of the weekly training plan will be forwarded to you.

All results will be published on this website and our Facebook page. They will also feature in IOM Newspapers.

Keep running and get in touch!