Isle of Man Athletics Mission

Our two year mission statement is to implement the new management structure, ensure all roles are filled with suitable resource to create a foundation to work in achieving the longer term vision of Isle of Man Athletics.

Isle of Man Athletics Vision

Athletics to be one of the key sports in the Isle of Man to maintain and increase its popularity by delivering an inclusive framework for athletes from age 7 upwards.

The Isle of Man Athletics Association (Isle of Man Athletics) is affiliated to England Athletics and constituted as a County District.

Isle of Man Athletics’s ambition is to:

  • develop inclusive participation of athletics throughout the island;
  • develop a high performance structure to win more medals at key events;
  • stage suitable events to engage with athletes and public;
  • increase participation in athletics especially between ages 15 and 24;
  • improve infrastructure and opportunities for athletes.

All affiliated Clubs and Organisations with headquarters within the county district of the Isle of Man shall have automatic membership of Isle of Man Athletics with voting rights at General Meetings.

All Isle of Man athletes and Clubs are eligible to compete in Northern Championships promoted by Northern Athletics in the UK.