Isle of Man National Athletics Records

Isle of Man National Records are recognised at senior and age-group levels.

For the age-groups, records are recognised at Veteran, Senior, Under-20, Under-17, Under-15 and Under-13 levels.

For Under-11 and Under-9 levels ‘Best’ lists will be maintained however these will not be considered Isle of Man National Records.


For a performance made either on or off the Isle of Man by a competitor who

  1. was born in Isle of Man; or
  2. has either parent born in Isle of Man; or
  3. has continuously resided in Isle of Man for a period of 1 year immediately prior to the date of acceptance of eligibility by Isle of Man Athletics; or
  4. has been declared eligible, selected for and competed for Isle of Man in an international whilst previously qualified under (a), (b) and (c) and has not since rendered themselves ineligible by competing for another country, either in the UK or elsewhere.

For athletes to be eligible for Isle of Man National Records, they must be registered with UK Athletics.

Non-birth right athletes who cease to become resident will not be able to record valid performances once their period of residency ends.

Events (Disciplines) for which Records are Recognised

Isle of Man records will be recognised for:

  1. Events (Disciplines) where an Isle of Man championship is held;
  2. Where there is not an equivalent Isle of Man championship, events (Disciplines) where a championship is held at British, Commonwealth, European or World level;
  3. Events (Disciplines) which are contested regularly at an international level.

At under-17, under-15 and under-13 level, records will be maintained for events that fall within category (1) only.

Record Application Forms

Please download the Isle of Man Record Application Form and submit as below.

IOM Track & Field Record Ratification Form

IOM Road Running Record Ratification Form

Procedures for Submitting an Application for a Record

For an athlete competing at major championships (Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships, Commonwealth Games), a Level 5 Permit meet (IAAF Diamond League, televised meetings, etc) and the National Championships of an IAAF Member Federation, any record achieved will be taken from the official results. This includes Isle of Man senior and age-group championships. There is no need for an application to be lodged.

To claim an Isle of Man National Record at a competition other than those stated above, the athlete must:

  • Obtain an Isle of Man National Record application form.
  • Complete the paperwork and obtain the relevant signatures and supporting documents.
  • Forward the application to Isle of Man Athletics Records Statisticians below.

Track & Field:  Janelle Quayle

Road Running: Terry Bates

Race Walking:  Steve Taylor

The Athlete/Coach/Parent, in co-operation with the Meeting Manager, is responsible for ensuring that all of the documentation is completed and shall send together with the official application form:

  • The complete results of the event, including the wind speed reading (if applicable)
  • The photo finish image (if applicable)
  • The field card for the event (if applicable)

Procedure for Approval of Records

Performances are considered for approval by the appropriate Records statistician. The statistician makes its nominations to Isle of Man Athletics for approved records to be recognised. Isle of Man Athletics makes the final decision at its regular meetings.

Record lists are maintained and updated on the website of Isle of Man Athletics.

General Conditions for Records

  1. The Record shall be made in a bona-fide competition which has been duly arranged, advertised and authorised before the day of the event.
  2. The athlete achieving the Record must have been eligible to compete under the Rules.
  3. The Record shall be better than or equal to the existing Record for that event. If a Record is equaled, it shall have the same status as the original Record.
  4. No performance shall be regarded as a Record until it has been ratified by Isle of Man Athletics.
  5. Isle of Man Athletics will supply the official Record Certificate, for presentation to holders of Isle of Man National Records.
  6. If the performance is not ratified as a Record, Isle of Man Athletics will give the reasons.
  7. Records cannot be set in handicapped races.
  8. For a Record to be recognised, the performance must be achieved under the specific conditions detailed in Rule 141 of the UKA Rules.

Mixed Gender Competition and Open Graded Competition

  1. For senior and under-20 performances held off Isle of Man, the rules followed by British Athletics will be adhered to. Therefore, no performances set in mixed track races will be acceptable for records.For races on Isle of Man, where small fields do not allow for single gender races, performances can be ratified as a record so long as pacing has not taken place and the athlete has not gained an advantage from being in a mixed gender race.
  2. For under-17, under-15 and under-13 performances, performances set in mixed races will be acceptable for records. However, in open graded competition, the rules for the under-13 and under-15 age-groups must be followed. This means that no under-13 performances will be accepted as a record if there are under-17, under-20 or senior athletes in the field; and no under-15 performance will be accepted as a record if there are under-20 or senior athletes in the field.


In all cases, the Records Statisticians reserve the right to request further information on performances should they feel it is required. The Statisticians have discretion in dealing with record applications to consider all aspects of the competition where not all aspects of the Rules have been strictly adhered to.