Day 5 Athletics Results (Finals)

Rachael Franklin 800m 5th 2.14.39
Ryan Fairclough 1500 SILVER 3.57.88 (pb)
Anand Patel Triple Jump 5th 12.69
Kevin Loundes Half Marathon GOLD 1.14.38
Ed Gumbley Half Marathon BRONZE 1.18.41
Men’s Team Half Marathon GOLD
Gail Griffiths Half Marathon SILVER 1.26.40
Hannah Howard Half Marathon BRONZE 1.29.22
Rebecca Wallace Half Marathon 5th 1.32.22
Women’s Team Half Marathon GOLD
Men (Ryan, Jack, Anand, Joe) 4 x 100 Relay 4th 45.41
Men (Ryan, Jack, Ollie, Joe) 4 x 400 Relay 5th 3.31.18
Women (Charlotte, Andrea, Bethan, Hannah) 4 x 100 Relay SILVER 51.35
Women (Charlotte, Rachael, Bethan, Hannah) 4 x 400 Relay 5th 4.41.44

Day 4 Athletics Results (Finals)

Hannah Riley 400m Hurdles BRONZE 72.19
Andrea De Bruin Discus SILVER 36.25 (pb)
Hannah Riley 200m 5th 26.90
Charlotte Bawden 200m 8th 27.64
Joe Reid 400m GOLD 48.48 (pb)

Day 3 Athletics Results (Finals)

Rebecca Wallace 5,000m 4th 19.00.41 (pb)
Ollie Lockley 5,000m SILVER 15.36.11
Alan Corlett 5,000m 5th 15.51.84 (pb)

Day 2 Athletics Results (Finals)

Alan Corlett 3,000m Steeplechase GOLD 10.31.81
Andrea DeBruin Shot Putt 5th 8.45 (pb)
Hannah Riley 100m Hurdles SILVER 14.81
Rachael Franklin 1500m 6th 4.38.32
Ryan Fairclough 800m 4th 1.56.64

Proud medal winners Kevin and Gail

Kevin & GAil

Day 1 Athletics Results (Finals)

Kevin Loundes 10,000m GOLD 32.13.07
Ollie Lockley 10,000m 4th 33.4212
Gail Griffiths 10,000m SILVER 38.14.62
Hannah Howard 10,000m 5th 39.48.52
Jack Lemaire 100m 7th 11.18 (pb)
Charlotte Bawden 100m 5th 13.02
Bethan Pilley Long Jump 6th 5.08



The IOMAA is pleased to announce that the following athletes have been selected to represent the IOM at the Island Games in Bermuda in July 2013

Team Manager: Anthony Brand

Alan Corlett Charlotte Bawden
Ryan Fairclough Andrea DeBruin
Ed Gumbley Rachael Franklin
Jack LeMaire Gail Griffiths
Oliver Lockley Hannah Howard
Kevin Loundes Bethan Pilley
Joe Reid Hannah Riley
Rebecca Wallace