Each year Isle of Man Athletics awards a number of trophies for excellence in athletics.  Below are the details of these awards and who they have been awarded to.

The David Teece Trophy of Excellence

In memory of one of the Island’s greatest athletes, the David Teece Trophy of Excellence goes to an athlete, who in the eyes of Isle of Man Athletics, has performed to a consistently high standard over the year.  It is presented at the IOM Track & Field Championships by members of David’s family.

David Teece was an outstanding runner who held the Manx 400 metres record of 48.38s for over 20 years and represented the Island at the 1990 Commonwealth Games in Auckland, New Zealand. He sadly passed away at the tender age of 40.

2022 Sarah Webster
2021 Sarah Astin
2020 Tom Partington
2019 David Mullarkey
2018 Rachael Franklin
2017 Hannah Riley
2016 Ollie Lockley
2015 Catherine Reid
2014 Joseph Reid
2013 Chris Quine
2012 Reagan Dee
2011 Keith Gerrard
2010 Harriet Pryke
2009 Thomas Riley

Spirit of Spar Award for Commitment, Excellence & Endeavour to the Sport of Athletics (Previously the Spirit of Zurich Award)

Presented to the person who in the eyes of Isle of Man Athletics has shown the values that represent SPAR’s.

The award is not solely based on the IOM Track & Field Championships weekend, although presented then, but for the work, dedication and effort put in throughout the year in athletics. This may be an athlete, coach, official or volunteer.

The SPAR values represent:

  • Inspiring, from an athletics perspective, it is about that person, what have they done over this season, have they comeback from set backs, what they do. Does it transcend disciplines? Do others look up to what has been achieved?
  • Protection, concept for SPAR is looking after their clients, someone they can trust. Is the person being considered someone who supports, and is supported in what they do? Do they recognise the help they give, or the help they get, and are gracious with that, but with a determination to succeed?
  • Teamwork, what do they do to either fulfil their goals, help others, and themselves in achieving their potential . Do they understand the importance of teamwork in fulfilling potential?

2021 Andy Fox
2020 Bridget Kaneen
2019 John Whitlow
2018 Erika Kelly
2017 Gordon Crowe
2016 Alan Corlett