Law Trust IOM Cross Country League – Round 1

Entries have now closed for the first of four rounds of the Isle of Man Cross Country League, sponsored by Law Trust, which takes place at Port-e-Chee Meadow near Braddan Bridge on the outskirts of Douglas on the afternoon of Sunday 17 October. This round is organised by Manx Harriers, with race HQ being at Douglas Rugby Club. The first race gets underway at 1pm.

The course is largely on agricultural grassland which is fairly flat with one hill on each long lap. The senior races will be run over slightly reduced distances for the first round, with mileages likely to increase later in the season.

The senior, veteran and junior men’s race will be over three full laps of the course, a distance of approximately nine kilometres. The senior, veteran and junior women, and under-17 men, will race over two full laps, a distance of around six kilometres.  The minimum age for competitors is seven years on the day of the race.

All competitors must make arrangements to collect their race numbers from Manx Harriers clubhouse at the NSC from 5pm to 7pm on Friday. If you cannot attend you should arrange to have your number collected for you. Anyone who has not yet paid for their entry by bank transfer must pay when collecting their race number on Friday. Payment can be made by cash, or by cheque payable to IOM Athletics Association.

There is a large parking area at the Rugby Club, but perhaps not enough to accommodate everyone. You may have to park in the vicinity of the NSC and to walk up the road from Quarter Bridge – please allow plenty of time.

Timetable and approximate distances are as follows:

12 noon – Course open for inspection

1.00pm – Under 9 Boys, 900 metres (1 short lap)

1.05pm – Under 9 Girls, 900 metres (1 short lap)

1.10pm – Under 11 Boys, 1,800 metres (2 short laps)

1.20pm – Under 11 Girls, 1,800 metres (2 short laps)

1.35pm – Under 15 Boys, Under 17 Women, 3,900 metres (1 short lap, one large lap)

1.37pm – Under 13 Boys and Girls, Under 15 Girls, Short Course, 3,000 metres (1 large lap)

2.10pm – Under 17 Men, Junior, Senior, Veteran Women, 6,000 metres (2 large laps)

2.10pm – Junior, Senior, Veteran Men, 9,000 metres (3 large laps)

Here is the course map

Please report to the start line of your race at least five minutes before the start time. Spectators please keep off the racing line and obey instructions from marshals.

Law Trust Isle of Man Cross Country League – Everything you need to know!

With less than two weeks to go before the start of the new cross-country season I thought it would be useful to share some information on what to expect from the races, as we are always delighted to welcome newcomers to the sport. There will be plenty of information prior to the first round and throughout the season, but please ask if you have any questions.

When are the events?

There are four rounds in the series. To count for the league you need to complete at least three races. If you complete all four, your best three results will count. The fourth and final round also doubles as the IOM Cross-Country Championships. There is a team element to that one.

In each round the first race will be off at 1pm. Details are as follows:

Sunday 17 October – Round 1, Port-e-Chee Meadow, Douglas, organised by Manx Harriers

Sunday 7 November – Round 2, QE2 School, Peel, organised by Western AC

Sunday 5 December – Round 3, Port-e-Chee Meadow, Douglas, organised by Manx Harriers

Sunday 16 January – Round 4 (including IOM Championships), Crossags, Ramsey (to be confirmed) organised by Northern AC.

What age is cross-country for?

Seven to seventy plus! The age groups are under-nine (minimum age seven on the day of a race), U11, U13, U15, U17, Junior (U20), Senior, and Veteran. A child who reaches their seventh birthday during the season will be able to take part from then on. The veteran’s age groups start at 35 and go up in five-yearly bands. So if you are aged seven or older and have a reasonable level of fitness then come and give it a go!

What are the distances?

Unlike track and many road races, distances in cross-country are more approximate than precise. The four rounds of the league are run on different courses and the distances do vary, though not by too much. The distances for the first round at Port-e-Chee are purposely kept a little shorter for most age categories than for the other rounds to allow competitors a reasonably gentle introduction.

There will also be a Short Course option in each of the four races for the U20, Senior and Veteran age groups, which are suitable for newcomers to cross-country, or sometimes for middle-distance track runners (or even sprinters) who want competitive action during the winter but not over the full distance courses. The Short Course races are usually around 3 to 3.5 kilometres.

The approximate distances for the Port-e-Chee course will be confirmed in the next few days, but are likely to be in the region of 900 metres for under-nine boys and girls, 1,800m for U11 boys and girls, 3,000m for U13 boys and girls, U15 girls and the Short Course. U15 boys and U17 women will race over 3,900m, U17 men, junior/senior/veteran women will do 6,000m, and junior/senior/veteran men 9,000m.

What are the courses like?

We are lucky to currently have three good courses for cross country. The descriptions below are for the full lap – the U9 and U11 races are held over shorter laps which are generally fairly flat. The races are held over multiple laps depending on age group and distance. Full information on the courses will be provided prior to each race by the organising club.

Port-e-Chee Meadow, Douglas – Manx Harriers will be hosting Round 1 and Round 3 at this venue, which has Douglas Rugby Club as the base. Last season saw a return to this venue after many years. The course uses the perimeter of the rugby pitches and also the adjacent agricultural grassland. The course is largely flat fast running with varying underfoot conditions. The perimeter of the rugby pitches was boggy in places after heavy rain last year. There is one ‘up and down’ hill on each long lap.

QE2 School, Peel – Western AC have used this course in recent years. It was also their base for cross-country in the past but on a different course – much of which is now covered with houses! The start and finish of the races is on the school field which is on a gentle incline, then all age groups apart from U9 and U11 go onto the adjacent farmer’s fields to do multiple laps (depending on age group) before returning to finish on the school field. Whilst there are no long hills, there is a lot of up and down and some of the short climbs are quite sharp. There are a couple of low hedges to hop over. The course is usually dry and firm.

Crossags Farm, Ramsey – This is the longest-established of the courses currently used for cross-country and has been used by Northern AC since the 1990s. The lower part of the course is fairly flat apart from a sharp climb through one of the fields followed by a descent. There then follows the longest continuous uphill section on any of the courses – initially though a large field, then up a track through a wooded section, crossing a narrow stream near the top. There is then a fast descent through fields with some sharp turns. After heavy rain this course can be very boggy and sometimes has areas of standing water in the lower fields. It’s a good challenging course!

How to enter 

David Griffiths
1 October 2021

Law Trust Cross-Country League – IMPORTANT ENTRY INFORMATION

There have been some major changes to the entry procedure for the cross-country league this season, so please read the information below very carefully.

In recent seasons, the numbers of competitors has made things extremely difficult for the registration team prior to the first round, so the manual entry system has been replaced with an online entry system to bring the event into line with the majority of other events with big participant numbers.

The crucial things to note are that entries this season are ONLINE ONLY, and that entries will CLOSE AT MIDNIGHT ON WEDNESDAY 13th OCTOBER. There will be NO ENTRIES AFTER THAT DATE, INCLUDING ON THE DAY. There will be opportunities for those who don’t enter the first round to enter subsequent rounds prior to those events – more on that later.

Here is the procedure to enter (thanks to Manx Fell Runners for allowing use of their website to host the online entries):

  1.  Go to this link – for families you will need to complete a separate entry for each individual. Please check age group carefully – details are on the form. For veteran athletes (35 and above) the category is based on age on the date of the first round (17/10/21). Entries will CLOSE at midnight on Wednesday 13th October. There will be NO further opportunity to enter prior to the first round.
  2. Payment should be made to IOM Athletics, preferably by Bank Transfer. Details are: Isle of Man Bank, Sort code 55-91-00, Account number 14347237. Details of entry fees are on the entry form. We would encourage entry for the full series. Please use your name as payment reference, or in the case of payment for a family, use for example ‘Kelly family’. The cut-off for online payments will be midnight on Wednesday 13th October (same as for the entries).
  3.  Numbers must be collected from Manx Harriers clubhouse on the NSC perimeter road on Friday 15th October from 5pm to 7pm. This will be the only collection session, so if you are unable to attend you MUST make arrangements for someone to collect on your behalf. If you are unable to make payment by bank transfer (as above) you must pay by cash or cheque (payable to IOM Athletics) when collecting your number.
  4.  There will be NO entries, form-filling etc on the day of the race – race day is for racing only!
  5.  The online entry system will re-open prior to rounds two, three and four – more information will be posted at the time.

One further thing to note is that there will as usual be a Short Course race option for U20, senior and veteran athletes. You enter as normal stating your age category, then it’s up to you on the days of the races whether you run the short or long course.

Law Trust IOM Cross-Country Presentation, Friday 11th June – Prize Winners

The organising committee of the Isle of Man Cross-Country League sponsored by Law Trust are delighted to confirm details of the rearranged presentation evening. This will take place on Friday 11th June at the Claremont Hotel on Loch Prom in Douglas. No tickets are required – just turn up on the night. A light buffet will be served and the bar will be open.

The presentation will be split into two parts. Awards for the U9, U11 and U13 age groups will start at 7pm with doors opening from 6.45pm. Then after a short break to allow the youngsters and their families to leave and the older recipients to arrive, the awards for all age groups from U15 upwards will take place from around 8.15pm.

All the athletes listed below (273 no less!) have won at least one prize – so please do your best to attend. If your name is on this list but you are not able to attend, it would be really appreciated if you can arrange for someone to collect your award/s on your behalf.

We hope to see a big attendance at this event as we celebrate a shortened but enjoyable cross-country season!

Henry Allen
Richard Allen
Amanda Ansermoz
Charlie Arculus
Nikki Arthur
Aalin Atherton
Dawn Atherton
Elena Atherton
Paul Atherton
Emma Atkinson
Deena Barker
Charles Bartlett
Michael Bartlett
Florence Bayliss-Vote
Alex Bell
Dave Bignell
Odin Bignell
James Bishop
Molly Blair
Deaglan Blake
Liam Blake
Nicola Bowker
Peter Bradley
Olivia Bremner
Robin Bremner
Denise Bridson
Carol Brogan
Corrie Brogan
Neil Brogan
Diamond Buchan
Fox Buchan
Jett Buchan
Mark Burman
Sharon Cain
Chris Cale
Craig Cale
Jessica Cale
Peter Callin
Ian Callister
Matt Callister
Abigail Campbell
Gabriel Campbell
Gemma Campbell
John Campbell
Noah Campbell
Caroline Caren
Aaron Chadwick
Harrison Chambers
Eileen Clarke
Abi Clayton
Poppy Clayton
Sarah Collings
Russell Collister
Betty Condon
John Condon
Oliver Condon
Paul Condon
Rory Condon
Ben Corkill
Fynlo Corkill
Samuel Corkill
Sarah Corkill
Alan Corlett
Colette Corlett
Emma Corlett
Julian Corlett
Kayleigh-Dee Corrin
Mark Corrin
Ryan CorrIn
Tonya Corrin
Aaron Costello
Alessia Costello
Marc Costello
Ben Cox
Ray Cox
Cameron Crabtree
Jacob Craine
Paul Craine
Poppy Craine
Lilah Cretney
Tom Cringle
Charlotte Crook
Evie Crook
Michael Crook
Freddie Crowe
Luke Crowe
Emma Cullington
Paul Curphey
Sienna Curphey
Evie Davies
Honey-Mae Davies
Jack Davies
Polly Davies
Graham Delooze
Laura Dickinson
William Draper
Dom Dunwell
John Dunwell
Lisa Dunwell
Mia Dunwell
Andrew Falconer
Jayne Farquhar
James Fisher
William Forgie
Andy Fox
Karen Gadsby
Lexi Gates
Mason Gates
Janette Gledhill
Ian Goatman
Jill Goatman
Molly Goatman
Florence Griffin
Freddie Griffin
Gail Griffiths
Seamus Hall
Brian Halsall
Jo Hamilton
Rachael Hamilton
Kellie Hands
Georgia Hardie
Hayden Hardie
Fletcher Harding
Rebecca Harding
Julie Harrison
Hollie Hazel
Aalin Heavey
Keira Heavey
Julie Hill
Dave Hillier
Kelly Hillier
Macy Hillier
Molly Hinds
Sara Hinds
Louise Hollings
May Hooper
Cian Howard
Ian Hughes
Tom Hughes
Sophie Kaighin
Neil Kane
Erika Kelly
Issy Kennaugh
Darcy Killey
Callie Kneen
Caroline Kneen
Harry Kneen
Mark Kneen
Milo Kneen
Paul Kneen
Taylor Kneen
Phil Knox
Kryzysztof Kuberka
Ashleigh Lachenicht
Carole Laporte
Dave Lawrie
Jack Leece
Corrin Leeming
Cameron Leslie
Hope Lewis
Sam Looker
Claire Losh
Maisie Lunt
Millie Lunt
Jim MacGregor
Thomas Mackenzie
Neve Madden
Nigel Maddocks
Cooper Marshall
Eve Martin
Olivia Martin
Madison McMullan
Sophie McNamara
Beccy Miller
Erin Morgan
Scott Morgan
Elissa Morris
Bernat Mudz-Fite
Andrew Nash
Tufty Nash
Tara Nelson
Dave Newsham
Darcey O’Rourke
Christine O’Shea
Lucy O’Toole
Gethin Owen
Ieuan Owen
Paul Perkins
Samuel Perry
Timothy Perry
Daniel Phair
Luke Phair
Molly Phillips
Marczhela Pitao-Cubbon
Daniel Pownall
Isabella Quaye
John Quaye
Freddie Quayle
Lynda Quayle
Theo Quayle
Charlie Quine
Daisy Quine
Zane Quinn
Ella Quirk
Josie Quirk
Steven Quirk
Nicola Raven
Matthew Redmond
Chris Reynolds
Elliot Reynolds
Ruby Reynolds
Mario Ricciardi
Bella Rice
Angie Robinson
George Salter
Holly Salter
Joanne Schade
Chloe Schofield
Kevin Schofield
Richard Shipway
Abi Sinclair
Simon Sinclair
India Smith
May-Saa Smith
Orran Smith
Alec Sorby
Julie Stanfield
Ali Stennett
Harry Stennett
Lottie Stennett
Lucas Stennett
Charlie Swales
Harrie Swales
Phill Swales
Paul Sykes
Michael Tait
Amelia Tastagh
Helen Taylor
Alexis Teare
Charlie Teare
Faith Teare
Orry Teare
Rory Teare
Dave Thomas
Illiam Thomas
Rowan Thompson
Sirona Thompson
Rory Turner
Troy Turner
Millie Ward
Maggie Watkins
Andy Watson
Becky Watterson
Tom Williams
Megan Williamson
Olivia Williamson
Steve Willmott
Holly Wilson
Tallulah Wilson
Blossom Winrow
Bonnie Winrow
Lauren Winrow
Sarah Winrow
Ayrton Withington
Darcey Withington
Piper Withington
Sam Wolstencroft
Vicky Wolstencroft
Leo Woodward
Zac Woodward
Ben Wright
James Wright
Joey Wright

2020/21 Law Trust Cross-Country League – League Tables

Here are the final league tables for the 2020/21 Law Trust Cross-Country League.

These have had to be amended following the cancellation of the fourth and final round, which would also have incorporated the IOM Cross-Country Championships. The league has now been based on the best two results from the three races that took place, having originally been set to be the best three from four.

All competitors who completed at least two races in the same category will receive a league finisher’s award – they are shaded in colour on the league tables. No date is currently set for the Prize Presentation and will depend on prevailing circumstances, but it is likely to be around mid-May all being well. Look out for a further announcement about this.

Well done to all who took part during the shortened series, and many thanks go to our sponsors Law Trust and to everyone who officiated in any capacity during the winter.

David Griffiths
17 March 2021