IOM 10,000m Track Champs Race Walking and Running – Monday 10th May 2021

All athletes and coaches are asked not to turn up to train on the track this coming Monday 10th May as it is booked for the sole use of the 10,000m Track Championships. The hours it is booked are 6pm to 9pm with the first race off at 6.30pm. If you train early and complete your session at approx 6.15/20pm that will be fine, however, please make sure you are not on the track, infield, throwing areas, high jump fan or LJ pits at 6.30pm when the first race takes place.

Secondly for athletes in the 10,000m events, World Athletics and UKA rules regarding the types of shoe that can be worn on the track will be enforced. Runners/Walkers – please do not leave this until Monday evening to find out if your shoes comply. Instead – either read this 10 page shoe rules or find your shoes on this list of shoes (the second will be quicker!!!) and whether they can be used on the track. Please note – some shoes with a carbon fibre plate and 40mm thick sole can be used on the road but not on the track where a 25mm sole is the thickest allowed for races over 800m.

In short please check to ensure your footwear complies and thank you for considering and supporting us with this ruling.

Andy Fox