NSC Athletic Facility Announcement

Please see below a letter from the Temporary Head of Sport, Youth and Recreation Department of Education and Children:

Dear All

Following consultation with the Minister and the CEO, it has been decided that all access to the Athletics facility is to be made free of charge to all users and hirers until Monday 13 June 2016. This includes individual use and any events or competitions that the Governing Body may have over the next few weeks.

This is a gesture of good will, given the ongoing difficulties we have regarding the sandpit and indeed the delay to the opening of the long jump, pole vault and hammer/discuss cage. It is important to note that all of these issues are as a result of contractors and suppliers failure to meet our expectations and timescales.

There will also be some further disruption to athletes once the TT Campsite is operational from the 30 May until 12 June. Athletes will be able to access the track during this period at agreed times as well as the long jump areas and high jump, again at agreed times. Unfortunately the Hammer cage and Pole Vault will not be able to be used during these dates.

On the 13 June, the normal price will be charged for access to the Athletics facilities and existing members will have the necessary refunds arranged there-after, where necessary.

I apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

Andy – please can you pass this information onto all the Outdoor staff and also the Athletics Association and make the users of the facility aware of this information please, whilst also conveying my apologies and thank them for their understanding regarding this ongoing matter.

Kind Regards,

Paul Bridson