Island Games Guernsey 8 – 14 July 2023

After a two year delay the Island Games is being held in Guernsey from 8th to 14th July 2023.  We are now well into the qualification period which started on 1st Jan 2022 and will run until early April 2023.  The exact date will be confirmed later and will be based on when our entries have to be added to the Island Games system.  The Island Games Association of Mann (IGAM) have always been very generous to IOM Athletics, allowing us to push the deadline as far back as possible to allow the outdoor athletics season to start so our athletes have the maximum opportunity to gain the qualification standards. Selection will take place in April 23.

The entry standards are published here:

I have as usual indicated that we will be taking a team of 30 – made up of a Team Manager, 2 Assistants, a Sports Therapist and 26 athletes.

Whilst nothing has yet been finalised by IGAM, the plan is to fly direct from the Island to Guernsey on Friday 7th July, returning on Saturday 15th July.  I have put our accommodation preferences into IGAM and we wait to hear from Guernsey , who do the allocation, as to where they allocate us.  Following a report from IGAM, which highlighted some serious issues with the tented village, I have decided to move away from that and into a hotel.

Unfortunately, all this comes at a cost with estimates currently coming in at about £2000 per person.  This will be reduced by the Government grant (approx. £180 per person based on IOM Team size) and by any funds IOM Athletics can raise. I estimate the final cost to the athletes to be around £1200-1400!!  IGAM have confirmed they will have received all the quotes by our next meeting (next month) so I will have a clearer picture then.

I am acutely aware of how expensive the Island Games has become but please be assured that I am doing everything I can to reduce these costs and still provide our athletes with the very best opportunity to perform at the highest level and have a positive experience that will stay with them for many years ahead.  If anyone has any contacts that would be interested in sponsoring the team, please let me know.  Petra has kindly agreed to lead a fund-raising committee, so please get in touch with her if you’re willing to get involved. Funds will be required immediately on selection (Apr 2023) so you have a little time to start saving!

Once again it has been indicated that Anti-Doping testing WILL take place.  Compulsory Anti-doping training will be provided at a later date by IGAM but please take the time to make yourself aware of the latest rules and regulations and start your diaries now (if you aren’t already doing it) covering what medicines you’re taking and confirmation that you have checked that they are suitable. You can check here:

If you are looking to put yourself forward for selection (even if you haven’t yet achieved the standards), please let me know initially by messaging me and then following up by providing the Declaration of Intent form as soon as possible.  Please detail the events you are looking to compete in and any standards you have already achieved. If I would be expecting you to be going and you’re not then please also let me know so I can get an accurate picture of numbers and exclude you from the plans.

Full details of the Selection Policy & Declaration of Intent are published here:

I am planning to have a meeting for all interested parties once the full details are known but If you need any further information at this stage, please get in touch.